Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Dwayne Johnson Workout Routine

Every movie star has a persona and a trademark. Just like tom cruise is known for his running and Chris Hemsworth is known for his action roles, rock is known for his extremely athletic body and sculptured figure. This movie start is known to be one of the highest-paid action figured in Hollywood right now. Dwayne the Rock Jhonson is not only known for his physique but also his extreme workout is diet plan. He consumes more than 6000 calories per day which might be impossible to digest for an ordinary person. Considering his height and size, it only seems fair that he follows an extremely difficult diet and workout routine.

Born on May 2, 1972, this 49-year-old Hollywood iconic actor truly defines the idea of a rock-hard body. Although a proud Mexican, he was born in California and from a very start he recognize that his height and physique were unique. Soon after, he discovered his love for fighting, acting and turned into a Hollywood heartthrob.

With the help of this article, we will list down the workout and diet plan that is followed by the rock that turns him into an iconic fighter and Hollywood actor.

Dwayne Johnson Diet

Diet is the most important part of a lifestyle because it will support your body and get it ready for the workout. Most people start working out without a proper diet and they eventually end up losing muscle mass as well. rock has explained that he takes more than 600 calories every day, however, his diet varies so the calorie count can be somewhere between 500 to 600 calories.

Diet Plan

His diet is divided into 5-7 high protein meals. For protein, he mainly relies on animal sources so he takes chicken, steak, fish, cod, and eggs. Apart from this, he also consumes protein powdered shakes. Since he needs to consume more calories, he also takes carbs including potato, oatmeal, rice, and other carbs option however, they are kept under control by dividing the food portion. For fat, he also consumes butter, eggs, fish oil, and coconut oil. For the micronutrient, he takes supplements for fiber, vitamins, and other essential minerals as well. Even on cheat days, he avoids processed food and relies mainly on high-protein food.

Dwayne Johnson Workout Plan

He has his gym with all the necessary equipment. His main idea is to handle weights so he can increase muscle mass. According to his instructor, he works out for at least 60 minutes, however, on active days he starts with simple 60 minutes of cardio. This consists of running, walking, treadmill, jumping jacks, and other cardio-based workouts.

For the second phase, he takes a 90 minutes strength-based training workout. His workouts are mainly arranged into high-intensity spells and he uses various resistance-based workouts for improving the overall performance as well. His workout requires a lot of weight-based training however, you can trailer it according to your body type and requirement.

Dwayne Johnson Workout

He uses heavy-weight transitional workouts and tries to adjust them according to his daily workout. His main preference is to choose workouts that can help him to burn all calories, cut the fat level and improve the muscle mass within his body. For the workout, he simply divides his workout plan into days.

  • His first day focuses on the upper body mainly the chest area, shoulders, and back muscles.
  • The second day of workouts mainly focuses on the lower body, especially legs and glutes.
  • The third-day workout mainly addresses the back and traps. Within this workout, you will mainly see pull-down and strength-based exercises.
  • For the fourth day, you will have shoulders and upper body workouts again. This mainly addresses the shoulder workout with a pyramid-style plan.
  • For the fifth day, he has legs and lower body workout again however he changes the workout to avoid repeating the same workouts.
  • For the sixth day, he works on his abs and arms, especially biceps and triceps.
  • Finally, on the last day, his main focus is on resting so his body can recover easily.


There is no doubt that Dwayne the Rock Jhonson is loved by everyone due to his body and Witt. However, it is very important to keep in mind that he has a different body type and his height is different from most people as well. You can start with his diet and workout but you will soon discover that the diet and exercises require a lot of time especially if you live on your own. To deal with that you need to consult a good physician and fitness trainer so you can know in detail about the calories count that will be appropriate for you. Most people start following a diet or workout plan followed by their favorite artists because they think it will turn into them. However, your diet quality, body structure, and the way you carry yourself play a very important role.


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