The PiYo program can be said to be one of the best combinations that consist of Pilates and Yoga. This combination is greatly influenced by mixed martial arts and dance, and this can prove to be a graceful form of workout.

There are many Beachbody home workout programs, and the PiYo program has been under its radar for quite some time now. The popularity of the PiYo workout programs have been increasing over the years, and at present, a lot of people, especially women, are interested in such workout programs.

Given below is the full PiYo workouts review with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of the PiYo Program

The main advantage of the PiYo workout is that the user is always on the move. Most of the beginners who are starting with this fitness program are made to move a lot. Even though the PiYo program has Yoga mixed in it, the stillness that is related to the practice of Yoga is not present here. With a constant movement, the exercisers become more flexible and improve their strength and balance. There is no need to maintain a fixed posture for a long time, which helps in avoiding soreness.PiYo Workout DVDs

All of the movements associated with the PiYo program are entirely in sync, and the key of the workout is to maintain that sequence. As a result, the exercisers are hardly bored. After all, everyone loves to stretch their body and move, especially when it helps in all-round body development. With the composition of dance-like movements present in the PiYo program, those who love to dance, especially women will find this fitness program to be very appealing.

Another advantage of the PiYo program is that the exercises can be modified. The options which have a relatively smaller impact are often modified to suit the user’s need. After the modification, these same workouts became more productive, and the overall integrity was well maintained. The safety regressions were also kept intact. Many people can find specific exercises to be trickier than usual. Hence, certain modifications in some workouts can help you to get the same results by doing the same exercise in a modified way.

For those who find it hard to follow instructions, they can opt for the PiYo exercise video workout techniques to achieve perfection in their workouts. 

Disadvantages of the PiYo Program

The PiYo reviews are mostly positive. However, there are some things in the program that are not that appealing to the majority. The program divides the workout schedule, and the first month has mainly the shorter workouts. While some see this as an advantage, others think that it is a waste of time. Most people who are serious about getting a good body are prepared to invest at least half an hour to an hour on workouts. With some PiYo exercise programs lasting for hardly 20 minutes, many people feel the workout session is incomplete.

Another disadvantage of the PiYo workout programs is that Cardio is not up to the mark. There are some workouts like Buns, Sweat, Drench, and Sweat Intervals which can be said to be a part of Cardio. However, the majority of the main Cardio workouts, such as Upper, Lower, and Core workouts, are well missing.

Breakdown of the PiYo Workout Program

  • Upper

This session is for 20 minutes or so and is mainly focused on developing the core strength and upper part of the body. This workout session involves roll-ups, pushups, beasts, planks, and side planks as well. This workout is useful, but it cannot be said to be too intense.

  • Lower

This is also a workout session lasting 20 minutes. This program is more traditional, and exercisers get to do exercises like low lunges, high lunges, triceps pushups, balance series, and warrior series. It also comes with crouching crow exercise and three-point exercises. This workout is also not very intense.

  • Sweat

This is a more extended exercise session, which lasts around 35 minutes or so. This particular workout session starts with heat, where the sun salutations and various other workouts increase the heart rate. As a result, the exercises will start to sweat very soon. It is followed by the lower body, where the main workouts involve lunges, skaters, and balance exercises. Up next is the work of core and plank, and PiYo pushups and planks included. This workout session end with power and it has exercises including variations of squat and burpees. This workout session is deemed to be balanced by many professionals, and if you add 15 minutes of Cardio to it, the session can be said to be pretty intense as well.

  • Drench

This workout has an even longer session and lasts for around 48 minutes. The starting of this session is with heat, which involves planks, pushups, and sun salutations. After that, it comes to the legs, which involves speed skaters, low lunges, knee lifts and warrior. After that, it goes to core and plank, which is followed by power, involving squats, burpees and lunges. Lastly, it comes with stretch, which alternates between exercises focused on flexibility and strength. This workout session can even take the fire out of veteran exercisers.

  • Buns

This session is again on the shorter side, lasting 28 minutes on paper. It starts with heat, and then focuses more on freeing up the lower body. It involves quite some burpees and squats, and it can help to provide the users with a lot of burns. The workout session is more like a legs day, and many people prefer such kind of exercise programs.

  • Strength Intervals

This workout session lasts for 22 minutes, and starts with heat, goes into legs, and is followed by plank and core. This session also includes Cardio as a cameo that increases the workout effectively. This is a minimal workout session but provides a good combination of all effective exercises.


Overall, the PiYo workout program is one of the fun ways of working out. For those who do not have the time to go to a regular gym and participate in regular long workout sessions, the PiYo workout program provides a great alternative. The exercises are more lightweight but are focused on delivering as effective results as possible.


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