Missy Elliott’s Weight Loss Transformation

Missy Elliott Weight Loss

Melissa, who is popular as Missy, shocked the stage on Sunday while she stunned the Grammy viewers at crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles as she showed off her slimmer figure while giving her performance. The rapper looked stunning in her white sweater with matching trousers.

No doubt viewers were startled by her performance, but they were quite distracted looking at her slim figure. The social media comments and tweets by people said she was unrecognizable as their comments clearly showed that she looked gorgeous with her new slimmer body.

Who’s Missy Elliott?

missy elliott

Missy Elliott is a rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer. She was born on July 1, 1971, in the United States of America. In late 1990 she became famous by creating her unique style in hip hop.

She came from a musical family and during her childhood showed interest in dancing and singing. She even started rapping in school with her childhood friends. Even though she is quite silent when it comes to her personal life, the diva has opened up about the challenges that she has gone through when she was diagnosed with Graves disease which is an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid gland of a person.

Despite all the struggles that she has undergone, she continues to remain passionate about music and has never stopped inspiring people with her style and positivity.

Missy Elliott’s Stats

The following are Missy Elliott’s current stats:

Date of Birth1 July 1971
Height5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Weight59 KG
Waist66 cm (26 in)
Hips87 cm (34 in)
Feet size7, 5 US (38 EU)

How Did Missy Elliott Lost Weight?

There is no doubt that the diva paid off for all her constant efforts as she stuck to a strict schedule for about four months and was on a constant diet for more than a year. This was not her first attempt trying to shed weight, she was successful too in the past. Missy Elliott has seen great success in her professional career as well. What was the need to lose weight despite being in the limelight? The answer is simple, she was forced to lose weight as she was battling an autoimmune disorder.

When she was diagnosed with Graves disease in the year 2008, it was devastating. This autoimmune disorder could lead to several other health problems like stroke or heart failure. As she began to take her health seriously, she started exercising and changed her diet plans. Even though she has to live with the disease for the rest of her life, she was determined to make the lifestyle changes. She initially experienced a few symptoms like mood swings, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, hair loss, etc but everything fell into place over the years. In addition to working out, she followed her doctor’s advice and underwent treatment for the same which greatly helped her to tone her body.

Missy Elliott’s Weight Loss Journey

Once the diva was diagnosed with her life-threatening disease, she was determined to slim down and look younger. In the year 2014, she lost 70 pounds as per the reports. It was shocking for her fans to see her picture on Instagram as she looked completely different and stunning. As she suffered from the illness, she could not compose new songs which affected her career. With her new routine of working out and lifestyle changes and by sticking to healthy eating, gradually things started working out normally. In the year 2018, she brought to the spotlight her young-looking skin with a slimmer and healthier body.

Missy Elliott Weight Loss Workout

She is an inspiration to others who are skeptical about losing weight. With her hectic schedule, she managed to lose 30 pounds of weight and showed that nothing is impossible when you are focused and determined.

Losing weight is not easy as you have to forego and sacrifice some of your favorite foods. Missy Elliott, is one such person who has sacrificed most of the foods that she craved. She completely cut down on bread and did not intake any fruit juices. She started drinking lots of water which was quite difficult at the beginning. But the results were amazing as her skin and body weight changed. Diet alone was not the remedy, she also followed it up with an exercise regimen at the gym.

She is a source of encouragement for her millions of fan followers. Her followers have stuck by her over the years by extending their support.

What is Missy Elliott Diet Plan of

The diet plan followed by Missy Elliott is a low-complication plan. Foods that are forbidden to consume were reduced gradually. It was hard for her to resist possessed foods. She could only eat two cupcakes in a month which turned out to be her cheat meal. Her previous eating pattern has to be changed. She has been on a diet for more than a year and her initial four months were to drink lots of water and avoid bread completely. Maintaining this diet was not easy, she also had to exercise and eat healthy food to flaunt her new slim body. With all her hard work and determination, she could see the wonderful result of shedding 70 pounds naturally. She is a living example to all who desire to shed that extra pounds and live a healthy lifestyle and face health challenges.


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