Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight Loss Diet And Workout

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

Gabourey Sidibe is a famous American actress who played the role of Rose in the 2009 film Precious. This character of hers was liked by many people, and since then her name has been included in the popular actress. Since then she has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as Empire, The Big Sick, and American Horror Story.

Sidibe had also gained weight some time ago, due to which her career and life were greatly affected. Sidibe has spoken openly about her weight loss many times and during the struggle, she says that she had weight loss surgery in 2016, due to which she lost up to 150 pounds.

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss Journey

Sidibe has given many reasons for her weight loss. The first reason was that she had type 2 diabetes, which she was diagnosed with then she had to keep her health away from all these diseases, so she considered weight loss a better way. And the second reason was that, her weight had increased due to which she used to feel tired and heavy, she was always worried about her being overweight, because as an actress weight and body figure mattered to her. And the third reason she tells is that she had to set a good example in front of her daughter so that her daughter does not feel that she is lazy or she is not conscious about her health. Because of all these reasons, Sidibe decided to lose weight and she was successful to a great extent.

How she lost weight

Sidibe first consulted a doctor for her weight loss, as she was already diagnosed with diabetes. After consulting the doctor, she decided to lose weight in two ways, first, weight loss surgery and second proper diet and exercise. There is a type of bariatric surgery called sleeve gastrectomy which reduces the size of the patient’s stomach, Sidibe resorted to this surgery. After the surgery was successful, Sidibe immediately changed her diet and shifted to a healthier diet, as well as started exercising daily.

Weight loss surgery

Sidibe reduced the size of her stomach by 80% in weight loss surgery, due to which she couldn’t eat large meals, and due to sufficient meals, she lost weight.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Weight Loss Diet & Workout Plan

gabourey sidibe workout routine


Sidibe changed her old diet and started a healthy diet. She started including fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains in her diet. And she completely stopped all kinds of processed food and sugary drinks.


Sidibe started doing regular exercise, which helped in burning calories and building muscles. She started doing daily walking and running, due to which the intensity of her workout gradually increased.

Along with these 3 factors, Sidibe made many changes in her lifestyle, which benefited her in weight loss. Sidibe stopped smoking and started taking complete sleep of 8 hrs, seeing her dedication, her family and friends also supported her, they always used to motivate Sidibe.

This weight loss journey of Sidibe was not so easy, she had to work very hard to get this success. She stuck to her diet and workout, due to which she lost up to 150 pounds and improved her health.

The Challenges She Faced

Sidibe faced many challenges in this weight loss journey. Sidibe had weight loss surgery and then had to bear the side effects of the surgery for a few months. She had to control her eating emotions. After the weight gain, many haters criticized her and body-shamed her, due to which Sidibe also suffered mental stress.

The Impact of Her Weight Loss on Her Career

Since Sidibe’s weight loss, her career has got a boost. Many roles started being offered to her and she became more confident and stronger than before.

More Roles:

After weight loss, invitations started coming in many films as main characters and guests in TV shows. After this drastic weight loss, she signed big films like Empire, American Horror Story,” “The Big Sick” and made the movie a blockbuster with excellent acting.

Praised for her confidence:

Sidibe became more confident because of the weight loss. She still keeps sharing about body positivity with her audience.

More opportunities:

Sidibe keeps sharing many experiences about her plus size and interesting things related to her weight loss journey. She is called on many TV shows and talk shows and is asked about her experience. Apart from this, Sidibe has also written a book on her journey and experience called This Is Just My Face, Try Not to Stare.” In this book, she has told about all the phases of her life.

Sidibe’s weight loss has proved extremely profitable for her, especially for her acting career. He started getting offered new roles, she was called in many health-related shows, and she also had many podcasts. Her confidence started getting praise from everywhere, and with such positive vibes, Sidibe started feeling more positive than before.

But Sidibe has also said many times that she does not consider only weight loss as the reason for her career success. She believes that her talent and her performance play a better role in her career. She says that she has got many benefits due to weight loss and she has also become more confident than before but it is only a means of her success and not complete success.

gabourey sidibe weight loss before and after


Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss journey has lit a ray of light in the lives of many people. She is an inspiration to all those people who were troubled because of their weight gain. Gabourey Sidibe’s weight loss journey gave a message to everyone that if someone wants to lose weight, then like Sidibe, you should focus on your diet and exercise and face all the challenges that come your way, then you too can achieve weight loss goal. Sidibe’s story can prove that no matter who you are or how big your weight is, if you take your weight loss seriously, then you can easily achieve it.


How much weight did Gabourey Sidibe lose?

Gabourey Sidibe lost about 150 to 300 pounds, which took her 8 to 12 months to do.

How did Gabourey lose weight?

Gabourey made many modifications in her lifestyle, diet, and workout for his weight loss. She first removed 80% of her stomach by doing weight loss surgery. This surgery helped her avoid overeating. With this, she added healthier food supplements to her diet and started exercising daily. With all these changes, Gabourey lost weight.

Did Gabourey Sidibe go through weight loss surgery?

Yes, Gabourey Sidibe did weight loss surgery which is called bariatric surgery. Almost 80% of the stomach is removed by this surgery.

What were the challenges of Gabourey’s weight loss journey?

The biggest challenge that Gabourey faced during her weight loss was type 2 diabetes. When she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, her weight started increasing. And then it was very difficult to control it only with exercise and diet. She used to exercise and diet but she did not get the required results, so she also became a victim of mental stress. She also used to get a lot of criticism on social media.

What are the benefits of Gabourey’s weight loss?

Weight loss brought a huge change in Gabourey’s entire life. Her health has become better than before, and her risk of type 2 diabetes has also reduced. She got more confidence and energy than before. Many people were also inspired by her journey and she was being praised everywhere.

What advice would Gabourey give to others who are trying to lose weight?

The only advice Gabourey gives to others about weight loss is to be patient and stick to your daily routine. Do exercise and take a good diet. Leave bad habits, and manage your weight.


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