Professional Boxing Workout and Diet Tips from Floyd Mayweather

floyd mayweather workout routine

In the world of professional boxing, Floyd Mayweather is known as the best and the most hardworking star. Although most boxers claim that they have been in the industry and they have worked hard Floyd is truly ripped in the era of lean boxers. As new boxers struggle to start the boxing journey, most people straight away think about their diet and workout routine.

Born in 1977, Floyd Mayweather jr. is known to be one of the best boxers of the current era. He owns some of the great world titles which include WBC lightweight, WBC super featherweight, WBC light middleweight, WBC lightweight, WBA super welterweight, and WBO welterweight. He also won national golden gloves and won a bronze in featherweight during the Olympics. With his impressive record in the ring, most beginners look up to him for advice.

With the help of this article, we will look at the diet and workout routine that is followed by this unique and successful boxer. We will also look at things that make him better just because of his workout.

What Is The Diet Plan Of Floyd Mayweather?

Most people predict that Flyod must have a very strict diet plan because his body is in shape. However, the boxer has been seen flaunting his love for fried hot dogs with BBQ sauce. In a recent interview, he told that he is also fond of eating rice and gravy as well. Although he eats protein-packed food which includes baked chicken and also likes organic food he can never say no to friend hot dogs.

Since he has to follow a very strict workout routine that has high-intensity exercises at its core, his main focus so no portion-based food. He consumes eggs, pancakes, bacon, turkey, sausages, and grits in his breakfast. All the meals are prepped by his private chef who carefully cooks everything by keeping in mind his diet plan. Its main goal is to reduce the amount of processed food so he relies on fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs, beef, and low-fat meal items.

Diet Tips from Floyd Mayweather

For lunch, he takes baked chicken along with rice or spaghetti to have enough carbs in the system.

Since he tried to reduce proceed food, he doesn’t add pork, sugar, artificial fat, artificial additives, fats, and refined food items in his diet.

Floyd Mayweather Workout Routine

Floyd is famous for working out in front of the crowd. According to his trainer, he workouts in front of 50 people to ensure that he stays focused when he is in the ring. His main focus is on the heavy bag, speed bag along footwork, floor work, core exercises, muscle training neck workout, bodysuit workout, and running. Most people believe that he tries hard when he is practicing so he doesn’t have to try hard when he is in front of his opponent.

Since he works out in his gym, he uses a lot of equipment. If you want to work out just like him, you will also need a lot of equipment including a jump rope, ankle weights, neck harness, wraps, abs roll wheels, heavy bag, body bag, hand pads, boxing gloves, speed bag, and punching pads. For technique, he mainly uses different styles of shadowboxing and different punching combinations. However, for improving his strength he has weight-based and cardio exercises as well.

floyd mayweather exercise

His workout consists of 40 rounds of intense beating.

The first three rounds e mainly focuses on shadowboxing and this is considered a warm-up session. Then switches to hand pads for the next 4 session straights. For the next two sessions, you need to switch to body load where you will use your hand and punch at your opponent by using hooks, shorts, jabs, and uppercuts. For the next four sessions, you will start your heavy bag workout, although Floyd uses a 160-lb bag if you are a beginner you can use something lighter. For the next three sessions, you need to switch to hand pads again and then to body pads for three next sessions. Similarly, you can then switch to a heavy bag and hand pads for the next nine sessions and repeat the speed bag and jump rope.

Bottom Line

Most beginners start following the workout of their idols right away. This can be transformational but if you are a beginner who just started, this can be damaging as well. You need to take your time and start with some beginner workouts so you can develop endurance and strength that will allow you to adjust according to this workout. Most people straight away jump to serious workouts and their body is not ready for it, as a result, they end up damaging their muscles. Starting your workout with a good enough warm-up session is also very important. Most trainers recommend that you need to have a yoga session so your body can gain the flexibility that is required for it to function when you are working out without an injury.


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