Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Journey

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss

Eleanor Neale is a very popular British Youtuber and social media star. Eleanor has won the hearts of many people with her lifestyle, story time videos, and travel.

Eleanor thought of sharing some of her journey along with her captivating content, in which she first shared her experience with fans about her weight loss journey.

Eleanor Neale Biography

Real NameEleanor Neale
BirthdayJanuary 24, 1999
Age 24 years old
Weight 85 Kg
Height5 ft 7 inch
Net Worth$2.08 Million

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Before After

Eleanor Neale is a famous social media influencer, she makes makeup tutorials, as well as tells true crime stories in her content. And now suddenly when she shared about her weight loss transformation, her fans were surprised. Because Eleanor never shared her personal life or experiences on her social media.

It was a matter of time when Eleanor’s weight was about 85 kg. But then after some time, she became 60kg. All the fans were shocked to see this huge transformation of her. But she never disclosed her journey. That’s why it had become a topic of discussion.

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Before After

There were rumours that Eleanor had taken the help of weight loss surgery for her weight loss. But Eleanor never told this, so it was suspense. She had kept her weight loss a secret for a long time.

Throughout her career, she focused only on her work. She used to focus only on her content, so she never shared anything personal apart from the coming content.

Sometime back when Eleanor Neale was overweight, she was criticized and body-shamed by some haters. Because of this, she was very hurt. She used to be worried about her weight. Despite all this negativity, Eleanor continued to do her work, she did not take any comments positively and she continued to inspire her followers with her creativity and dedication.

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Surgery

Eleanor Neale’s remarkable body transformation had become a topic of discussion for many. Because people watching Eleanor every day on Youtube were watching her increasing weight. Many times many people told her that her weight has increased. But she did not discuss that topic. But after some time suddenly people saw a sudden change in Eleanor’s body. She was looking slimmer and better than before. Hence an awe moment was created among the fans.

Discussion of her weight loss journey started happening everywhere but Eleanor kept silent on it. But in this difficult journey of weight loss journey, weight loss surgery had given great support to Eleanor.

Weight loss surgery has become a trend in the industry nowadays. It has become very popular, many celebs resort to weight loss surgery to make their weight loss easy and effective. This gives very quick results. But after weight loss surgery, many things have to be taken care of, there are many lifestyle changes, so setting a long-term goal, all post-surgery precautions, diet, and exercises have to be done, due to which surgery is more beneficial.

If we talk about Eleanor Neale, she has never publicly accepted that she has done weight loss surgery and has never denied it either. But ever since she has done her transformation, she is looking more stunning and amazing than before.

How Did Eleanor Neale Lose Weight?

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Diet

Eleanor Neale’s weight loss journey is a genuine inspiration, which proves that goals like weight loss are definitely challenging but the result is no less than a reward. Because the body gets a new life. Eleanor Neale’s weight loss journey shows her dedication and perseverance, as her transformation is amazing. Eleanor gave priority to her weight loss goal, so she was able to achieve her weight loss in a short time.

She followed a balanced and sustainable approach in her weight loss journey. She made changes in her diet and started exercising daily but she set all the targets in such a way that he could complete them on time. She used to focus more on daily cardio exercise, and strength training in the coming exercise because it is a weight loss exercise. And she used to follow a proper nutrition diet in her diet. For this, she was taking advice from her dietician. Apart from this, she also used to control her emotional eating and portion control.

Eleanor has always had support from her social and personal community. She always used to take guidance from professionals on online forums. She has shared all her weight loss activities daily on her social account so that other people can also take advantage of this weight loss process. Throughout her journey, she kept a positive mindset and celebrated even the smallest of activities.

Eleanor Neale’s weight loss success is the result of her determination and self-care. She used smart moves to achieve her goal. She initially did weight loss surgery (rumored) then followed the proper diet, exercised daily, and controlled her eating emotions. With the right mindset and perfect plan, Eleanor Neale achieved her weight loss goal. Her journey proves that if one follows a targeted diet and exercise like Eleanor Neale, but with full dedication, she too can achieve her weight loss goal.


Eleanor Neale’s weight loss took her fans by surprise. Because she secretly worked on her weight loss goal. She is a famous British YouTuber, her main content is on true crime stories or unsolved murder mysteries, sometimes she also shares makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel. She has a huge fan base.

The news of her weight loss suddenly became a topic of discussion as she was looking more attractive and slim than before. Although she keeps sharing her daily routine on her social media, no one came to know about her main goal until Eleanor herself disclosed it. Eleanor has always been supported by her friends and family for her weight loss, if you also want to lose weight like this, then prepare your schedule today and work on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Eleanor Neale undergo a weight loss journey?

Yes, Eleanor Neale shared her weight loss journey on her social media. He told about her struggle and success, which was very inspiring for her fans and followers who want to start their fitness journey.

2. How much weight did Eleanor Neale lose?

Eleanor’s first weight was about 85 kg, but then she did weight loss surgery, followed a diet, and exercised for some time, after which she lost about 25 kg. She currently weighs 60kg.

3. What motivated Eleanor Neale to start her weight loss journey?

Eleanor used to have a lot of trouble with her increasing weight. Her energy started decreasing and her health also started getting affected. And many times people body-shamed and criticized her for her weight gain by making bad comments, so she thought of losing her weight. Eleanor wanted her weight loss to be an inspiration to her followers so that they too set a weight loss goal to improve their health and achieve it.

4. Did Eleanor Neale follow a specific diet plan to lose weight?

Yes, Eleanor followed some specific diet and habits for her weight loss such as –

Healthy Eating Habits – She shifted to a healthy diet and gave up all unhealthy food.

Caloric Deficit – Her body needed calories to win, so she started consuming fewer calories daily.

Regular Exercise – She used to do daily workouts, strength training, and Yoga. Because physical exercise helps to burn calories, as well as improves mental health.

Mindful Eating – She reduced her eating habits. She started eating slowly so that every bite could be savoured. She also reduced overeating.

Positive Mindset – She started taking her goal from a positive aspect. She used to celebrate even the smallest targets and motivate herself.

5. How long did it take Eleanor Neale to lose weight?

It took several months for Eleanor Neale to lose weight. By the way, if seen roughly then weight loss is a long-term process, it takes years for its better results. But Eleanor started her weight loss journey with weight loss surgery, so her weight loss journey got speeded up.


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