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back workout with dumbbells

How to Workout Back with Dumbbells for Muscles Building?

Dumbbell workouts are the greatest way to strengthen the back which is one of the muscular regions that many people struggle with this. Because implementing dumbbell back workouts into your daily routine helps you...
CBD for Workout

Using CBD for Workout: Effective Or Myth?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound found in cannabis plants. Unlike other compounds found in cannabis, CBD does not produce a "high." That's because CBD is non-psychotropic—it doesn't affect the mind or...
Fitness Activities

4 Ways Cannabis Can Impact Your Fitness Activities

Do you enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle while enjoying your regular dose of cannabis? Are you concerned that your pot consumption might negatively impact your exercise routine? Does weed affect your workout? Not only has...
Cable Machine Exercises for Your Back

10 Cable Machine Exercises for Your Back

Back exercises have been proven to help prevent and cure lower back problems. Muscle training has been shown to have specific advantages for women with back problems. Cable workouts provide several distinct benefits over other types...
Dwayne Johnson Workout Routine

Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Every movie star has a persona and a trademark. Just like tom cruise is known for his running and Chris Hemsworth is known for his action roles, rock is known for his extremely athletic...
floyd mayweather workout routine

Professional Boxing Workout and Diet Tips from Floyd Mayweather

In the world of professional boxing, Floyd Mayweather is known as the best and the most hardworking star. Although most boxers claim that they have been in the industry and they have worked hard...
Best Kettlebell Exercises

10 Best Kettlebell Exercises For Beginners

Kettlebell is getting popular among the fitness freaks day by day due to its convenient nature and increased efficiency. If you find all equipment busy in a gym and don’t know what...
P90X Workout Schedule

The P90X Workout Schedule (Lean, Doubles, Classic)

Are you looking for P90X Workout Schedule, then you came at the right place. Here we will share the guide on P90X Workout Schedule for Lean, Doubles, Classic Programs. Why are health and fitness important? A...
Terry Crews Workout Routine

Terry Crews Workout Routine & Diet Plan

What does instantly appear on your mind when you hear the name Terry crews? Fitness! Yes, that is obvious. He is rocking in his 50s and has a fit, sculpted physique, most males' including younger...
Jay Cutler Workout Routine

Jay Cutler Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Which thought crosses your mind when you hear the name, Jay Cutler? Fitness. Isn't that what he is most famous for? The IFBB professional bodybuilder has a fit and sculpted physique, which is a dream...


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