At present, the need for physical fitness has been duly realized by people. Many people are starting to join a gym or physical fitness centres, and have focused more on attaining physical fitness. Even those who are unable to spend time on gym are working out in homes or other places. As a result, the demand for physical fitness equipment is more than ever now.

Bowflex Treadmill Overview:

The Bowflex Treadmills are one of the best examples of fitness equipment that have raised a lot of demand from fitness enthusiasts. The fitness brand Bowflex was first seen in the year 1986, which came out with the hands of Nautilus Inc. in the 20th century. One of the first machines that came out from Bowflex was named as the Bowflex 2000X, which was a strength trainer. It was widely acclaimed at that time, and many people thought this is how the future of physical fitness equipment is going to be. There were various techniques and tricks in the Bowflex 2000X, which were the first to be implemented back then. One such example is the low impact tension resistance that was present in Bowflex 2000X. 

Ever since then, the fitness company Bowflex has been lauded for the production of multiple brilliant machines that have been an asset to fitness training. The types of fitness machines that Bowflex came up with are impressive. By two decades, Bowflex had their line of tread climbers, elliptical hybrids, strength trainers, and of course, the treadmills. Their treadmills have often been reviewed as the best treadmills out there. Bowflex even came up with cardio machines that can be used in professional gym setups, or standard home gym. In this article, we will mainly focus on world-class treadmills by Bowflex.

Before we start our Bowflex Treadmills review, let’s just see why Bowflex is considered to be so much better than the other available options.

Bowflex: Why is it considered the best?

The company Bowflex came up with many physical fitness machines that became widely popular. The reason for this is that the company was bringing innovation in their products. Also, each of their machines, and especially the treadmills, had all of the top-end fitness features along with multiple functionalities incorporated in the devices. With so many products of Bowflex coming out over the years, one thing can be said to be constant. The Bowflex training machines have been so designed such that the users get the best possible result of the workout without having to work too hard for it. In other words, the Bowflex machines are extremely efficient and help the user with an optimum level of workout. Thus, the results are achieved much faster.

Since the Bowflex treadmill and other devices were providing the users with higher fitness levels without extreme workout sessions, the workout was becoming more consistent. Hence, it is no surprise why people chose the Bowflex fitness products over anything else.

Treadmill Series by Bowflex

At present, there are a total of three series of Bowflex cardio machines that are designed for fitness enthusiasts to provide the best workout. This series includes multiple machines types. They are given below.

  • Bowflex Treadmills – This is the main focal point of the company at present. There are two treadmills by Bowflex currently, and both of them have been a huge hit.
  • Bowflex TreadClimber – For those who are looking for a lightweight machine for cardio exercises, this is the type to get. These TreadClimbers can be said to be the fit between ellipticals and treadmills.
  • Bowflex Max Trainers – This machine by Bowflex is a mixture stair-steeper and an elliptical. These types of machines can be used by those who want to do extreme workouts for strengthening their arms and legs.

All of these machines by Bowflex are excellent in their category. However, in this article, we have talked about the Bowflex treadmills as these machines are the most practical way of working out. Even if you are in a gym or your house, there can be no replacement for treadmills. With the products from Bowflex, there are a lot of things to look forward. 

The proper review of two of the best Bowflex Treadmills are given below.

Treadmills by Bowflex

Treadmills are the most popular form of physical fitness equipment that is used in both home and professional gym setups. There are many types of exercises who want to have a treadmill for their purposes. For those fitness enthusiasts who want to get their body in shape in quick succession, working out with treadmills is a perfect option. Even for those who are looking forward to the overall growth of their body and proper development of the body muscles, the treadmills are a great choice. With Bowflex coming out with their treadmills, people have now a lot of better options for choosing treadmills.

At present, there are only two variants of treadmills available in the market by Bowflex. For those who want a tough, strong, and an efficient treadmill, the Bowflex BXT116 treadmill and the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill both are worthy inclusions.

Let’s now take a look at what these treadmills have to offer.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill

The BXT116 treadmill by Bowflex is the very first model of treadmill produced by Bowflex. This treadmill became an instant hit due to its sleek and attractive designed structure. As for performance, a BXT116 treadmill is a machine that can support heavy-duty workouts. For use up to a weight capacity of 375 lbs, there will not be even the slightest of problems while working out on the BXT116 model. This model of the treadmill is also extremely durable, and it is 3-ply. The majority of treadmills come with 2-ply. This shows the extended durability of the BXT116 treadmill. 

Even though the BXT116 treadmill is made sturdy and durable, transportation and space-saving features are also available. For example, this treadmill can be easily folded after working out despite it being so durable. This way, if you are using this treadmill at home, you can save a lot of space after working out by simply folding it.

The motor present in the BXT116 treadmill is one of the strongest in the market with 3.75 CHP motor. No matter how tough your workout is turning out to be, this motor can handle it all. For the convenience of the users, the inclination levels can be changed quite easily and effectively. For the range of the change in inclination, it can be changed from 0 per cent to 15 per cent. For the movement, this treadmill can go up to a speed of 12 mph if needed.


  • There is a full-coloured screen of length 7.5” which is present for showing the various data of the workouts along with the required metrics.
  • With a strong 3.75 CHP motor, it provides great power for working out, even for the toughest of the users.
  • The BXT116 treadmill also comes with the functionality of a USB port, which can be used for charging purposes.
  • The BXT116 treadmill comes with in-built programs. There are nine programs available to the users, and these exercises cover all the required exercise types. For the exercises that burn calories, workouts which are distance-centred, and heart rate zone training exercises are also in-built.
  • As previously mentioned, the BXT116 treadmill is foldable. Even after being durable, this treadmill comes with foldable features. For space-saving, the deck of the treadmill can be simply pushed in the upward direction. When folded, the BXT116 treadmill can easily fit in any short space within the house.
  • There is a warranty period of 15 years in the treadmill parts, including the drive motor and the frame. For the electronics and the mechanical parts, there is a warranty period for five years. As for labour repairs, there is a two-year warranty available.
  • The BXT116 treadmill can be used with the Bowflex Results app for getting the correct information which is essential for tracking the progress of fitness levels.


  • Motor – 3.75 CHP
  • Speed – 0.5 mph to 12 mph
  • Foldable feature – Present
  • Inclination Level Range – 0 % to 15 %
  • Dimensions – 84.6” L x 36.6 W x 55.2” H
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity – 375 lbs
  • Weight of treadmill – 280 lbs
  • Total running area – 20” W x 60” L


  • The track is a broad one with 20” W x 60” L
  • The BXT116 treadmill comes with a powerful motor
  • The power inclination of this treadmill comes within a range of 0 to 15 per cent, which can be adjusted for increasing the effectiveness of the workouts
  • Thus treadmill has a huge user weight capacity up to 375 pounds
  • The BXT116 treadmill is priced much lower than all of its competitors and also provides much more at a much less price
  • The console of the treadmill is straightforward to use, and users have found it to be extremely responsive
  • The BXT116 treadmill can be folded and unfolded without any hassle, which saves a lot of space after the workout is completed


  • The BXT116 treadmill does not come assembled in the first place. There are no straight instructions to do it either. Therefore, you will need external help or source to assemble this treadmill


The BXT116 treadmill by Bowflex is one of the most durable machines you will ever see, and it also comes with a price point that can be easily termed as affordable. With so many features, this treadmill is an absolute value for money product. For anyone who wants to work out indoors, or simply want to walk or run can choose this treadmill. For overweight persons weighing over 300 pounds, this treadmill is one of the best options.

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

The BXT216 treadmill by Bowflex is the second treadmill model of Bowflex, and it is only a little bit expensive when compared with the previous BXT116 model. The Bowflex BXT216 model provides all the functionalities of BXT216 model, and also comes with additional stability functionality and few more added features. The BXT216 treadmill is also meant for extreme workouts, and it comes with cushioning features to make the workout more comfortable. There is an advanced workout which is even more effective for burning calories. This treadmill can be paired with fitness apps such as Apple Health Kit, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, and so on. All of these features can help the user to track their progress.

The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill also comes with an added chest strap. This strap can be used for ideally monitoring the heart rate while working out extensively. Since the features provided in the BXT216 model is brilliant, the product has been a huge hit. The pricing is also in the affordable range, though higher than the BXT116 model. However, the BXT216 model also has a lot more to offer, which makes it a perfect value for money treadmill.


  • The BXT216 treadmill by Bowflex is designed for providing high-end performance. It comes with a very strong 4.0 CHP motor that offers sustained peak performance for a more extended period.
  • The BXT216 model has a 3-ply treadmill belt and comes with a 2.75” roller, which is one of the best in the market.
  • This treadmill can reach up to 12 mph as a top speed when needed.
  • There is an external 9” full-colour screen for displaying the required workout metrics.
  • The BXT216 model also comes with a USB port for charging.
  • For convenience, there are a total of 11 in-built workouts present in the treadmill.
  • This product can be used by multiple members of the same family, with user storage facilities up to four different profiles.
  • This treadmill also comes with a flexible design which is useful for packing up the product easily whenever needed.
  • The BXT216 model can be easily synced with both Apple and Android devices.


  • Motor – 4 CHP
  • Speed – 0.5 mph to 12 mph
  • Dimensions – 84.5” L x 38.5 W x 54.7” H
  • Foldable feature – Present
  • Inclination Level Range – 0 % to 15 %
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity – 400 lbs
  • Weight of treadmill – 304 lbs
  • Total running area – 22” W x 60” L


  • The total surface area that is present in the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is quite large, which measures up to 22” W x 60” L
  • The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is an extremely sturdy and durable machine and is designed to withstand extreme workout sessions with years of wear and tear
  • Even after being so durable, the BXT216 model comes with a foldable feature and can be easily folded and unfolded as per the convenience of the user
  • For heavyweight users who cannot exercise in some treadmills, the BXT216 model comes with a maximum user weight capacity up to 400 pounds
  • There is a bright and full-coloured LCD screen that can help the user to see his or her fitness stats like the calories burnt, distance covered, time spent, and so on
  • The BXT216 treadmill comes with a warranty period of 15 years which is available on the drive motor and the frame. There is also a five year warranty period for the electronics and the mechanical parts, and the labour repairs have warranty coverage of 2 years.
  • There are over 11 in-built workout methods and techniques that can be used by the users for all-round development of their body
  • The Bowflex BXT216 treadmill comes with an extremely powerful motor, which is designed to provide top-level performance without any difficulties
  • The price of the BXT216 treadmill can be said to be in the affordable region and can be bought without paying too much


  • Just like the BXT116 treadmill, the BXT216 model also does not come assembled in the first place. There are no clear instructions provided either which can help you to set up this machine. Therefore you will need an external source of help for assembling this treadmill in your preferred place
  • As the treadmill is exceptionally sturdy and durable, it is on the heavier side. Even with its foldable feature, it can be quite challenging to move it to large distances


The BXT216 treadmill model from Bowflex is considered to be a high-end device by all professional fitness experts. This model is significantly better than the BXT116 model and has a lot more to offer. The price is still on the affordable range, and it is an even better value for money treadmill than its previous model. With all of its functionalities, the Bowflex BXT216 treadmill is an undisputed flagship physical fitness machine when it comes to treadmills.

Verdict on The Best Bowflex Treadmill

The fitness company Bowflex has much more to offer than simple workout machines. There have been only two treadmills from Bowflex so far, far both of them are excellent in their areas. Bowflex has all types of fitness machines and equipment, but the BXT116 and the BXT216 model of the treadmills stand out due to their excellent functionality. Both of these treadmill models are incredibly durable, are foldable for space-saving, provides a workout for the whole body, has an inclination, and are extremely effective. Both of the Bowflex treadmills are extremely beneficial for exercising, and no matter which model you end up with, you will be delighted.


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