Top 10 Best Lightweight Portable Massage Tables (2020) Reviews & Guides

Best Portable Massage Tables

If you are looking for a lightweight portable massage table, but cannot decide which one to buy, you have come to the right place. In this article given below, there are some of the best portable massage tables out there that will be beneficial for you, no matter what type of user you are.

A portable massage table has multiple uses. As for most users, these tables are used both in a domestic and professional manner. At present, there are multiple types and patterns of massage tables available in the market, each of which has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is very important to know about the pros, cons, features and details of the table that you want to purchase.

The list below contains some thoroughly revised lightweight portable massage tables, based on real user data, usage, and quality, build, price, and experience as well. Read on to get the best portable massage review of 2020. Also, you will have proper guidance regarding what you should look for in these tables. You can also compare these products side by side to know which product is best suited for your taste.

The Best 12 Lightweight Portable Massage Tables of 2020

The best lightweight portable massage tables that you can buy in 2020 are given below.

#1. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

This table is a cheap portable massage table, but by no means has it compromised on quality and performance. It is extremely effective, and beech hardwood has been used in the construction. This makes the product both durable and stable. High-density foam of 2.5 inches has been used to make the table’s deck. This makes sure that the users will be comfortable during the massage session. Users can customize the table too, with adjustable face cradles. Armrests and arm supports are also present. The cushions are also made up of oil resistant and water resistant material.

To provide a luxurious feeling, 100 percent cotton constituting sheets are provided with this portable massage table. It also comes with a towel hanger and an oil pouch. There is a carry bag of nylon included as well. The user weight capacity of this table is around 450 pounds.


This portable massage table comes with a 5 year warranty, and the quality is excellent, despite its low price. The table is also very easy to set up, and is extremely comfortable. The side armrests could have been better, as per some customers.

#2. Best Massage PU Portable Massage Table

If you are looking for a portable massage table which is durable and sturdy, this table is an ideal choice. The product is mainly made up of beech frame, and it also comes with hardwood corner blocks and support cables. The height can be adjusted from 24 inches to 34 inches, and this table has extreme strength overall. The table is easily portable, and the PU leather used in the upholstery is completely resistant to water and oil. The foam padding used in this table also increases the comfort level of the users.

The face cradle is completely adjustable, and it is made up of aluminium. This makes the product extremely durable and sturdy. The maximum user weight capacity of this table is around 450 pounds. An attractive carrying case is also provided with this table. As for the other accessories, hand rest, arm shelf, and a headrest are also included.


The table comes with a thick plate in both front and back, which makes the structure extremely well made. The quality of this table is very good, and it is slightly heavier, despite being easily portable.

#3. EARTHLITE Harmony Portable Massage Table

This particular portable massage table is one of the models that provide extreme versatility. If you are looking to use a massage table in a parlor, this is one of the models to choose from. There are multiple functionalities, and all of them are provided to enhance the functionality and comfort level of the users. The adjustable face cradle has poly-gel made cushion, and the table can be easily folded and unfolded. 2.5 inches in the thickness of the cushion and it comes with dual density. The table is around 73 inches in height and 30 inches in width.  The decking is made of aircraft-grade plywood, and the body is made of hard maple.

The design is user-friendly, and durable. The frame is extremely strong, and the cabling system can withstand up to 1000 pounds. It also comes with a durable upholstery material, and the legs are strong and provide a good grip. Four different colors like teal, burgundy, mystic blue and black are the options.


There is a full-length piano hinge, and the maximum user weight capacity is 600 pounds. The table is extremely sturdy, stable, and is comfortable. It is however, slightly heavy.

#4. Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest

This model is one of the best portable massage tables out there, and it is effective for both amateurs and professionals. The built is solid with hardwood, and top notch steel has been used to make the support cables. The durability of this portable massage table is extremely high. The logs are easily foldable, and they are very strong as well. The legs also come with caps which protect the floor, as well as prevent slipping.

PU synthetic leather has been used on the table. This makes it oil and water proof. It also comes with a 2.5 inches cushion made of thick foam, and this makes the users experience a comfortable massage. There are multiple adjustable attachments included as well. There is also an adjustable face cradle, winged armrests, and a half-rounded lumbar cushion. When folded, the table hardly takes more size than a big suitcase. This makes the device easy to store and extremely portable as well. 450 pounds is the user weight capacity.


The headrest is adjustable, and this portable massage table is available in colours like cream, black, burgundy, and blue. The carry strap is not so wide, but the foldable nature makes up for it.

#5. Heaven Massage Two Fold Portable Massage Table

If the users are likely to be heavy, then this portable massage table is one of the best options out there. The dimensions of this table are 72 inches by 27 inches, and the height can be easily adjusted from 26 inches to 36 inches, as per the convenience. PU leather has been used as the material of this portable massage table, which makes it completely oil and water resistant. The user weight capacity of this particular table is around 450 pounds.

The table is very easy to move from one place to another. There are to armrests present on the sides, along with a headrest which can be adjusted. A good quality bag is also provided with this table. This product is available in four colours, as per the choices of the customers.


The construction is made of Birch hardwood, which makes this table extremely sturdy. The padding is extremely comfortable, and the product is easily portable. The service it provides makes it one of the most popular choices for portable massage tables in 2020.

#6. Merax Portable Folding Massage Table

Many users have the problem of fitting in portable massage tables which are not able to accommodate their large bodies. This particular massage table is one of the rare tables that can almost easily accommodate users of any body shape. The construction has been made of PU leather, and the frame has been made up of aluminium. The foam cushion is of high-density, and is 2 inches in depth. The height is 73 inches, and the width is 27 inches. This makes the table stable, as well as provides the required comfort level to the users.

The feet portion in this table is adjustable, and it can be easily folded. The height of the table is adjustable as well, and the side armrests are removable. The headrest is adjustable, and the product also comes with a good quality carry case. Available in black and red colours, this portable massage table can accommodate users with weight around 450 to 500 pounds.


The construction is extremely sturdy, portable and the comfort level is very high. The backrest could have been better, as per some customers.

 #7. Master Massage Santana Therma Portable Massage Table

This portable massage table is one of the best value-for-money products out there. Users will experience an ultimate level of comfort, and there are three specific layers present in it for extra cushioning effect. Memory foam has been used to constitute the topmost layer. There is a comparatively soft support present in the middle layer. As for the bottom layer, it is quite firm which prevents the hardness of the solid frame from being felt.

This table comes with an inbuilt system for warming, and users can choose upto 10 levels for warming. The Therma-top is very effective to spread therapeutic heat and it provides very pleasing warmth all over the table. There is also a face cradle, which can be adjusted in 6 ways. Added with it are the carrying case with two pockets, face pillow made of memory foam, and a contoured armrest shelf. The user weight capacity of this portable massage table is 1500 pounds.


This portable massage table is slightly heavy. However, it is excellent to use, is very sturdy, the quality is outstanding, and is very easy to set up.

#8. EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage Table

Earthlite Premium Portable Massage Table

This is another of the stronger and lightweight portable massage tables which is extremely attractive. The constitution is mainly hardwood maple, and it has also aircraft quality cables of steel incorporated in it. This provides an amazing overall stability. The cushion used in this table gives exactly the feeling of a spa, and there is a padding layer of 3 inches, which is made of three wrapped foam. The coating on the outside makes the table attractive and comfortable, as well as making it easy for cleaning.

For better comfort of the users, this portable massage table comes with an adjustable face cradle pillow. The width varies from 30 inches to 32 inches. The user weight capacity of this table is roughly 800 pounds. There are multiple colour options available, including burgundy, black, amethysts, latte, hunter, and mystic blue.


The frame comes with a lifetime warranty support. The built is extremely sturdy, and the comfort is excellent with the spa-grade cushions. It is a well built portable massage table.

#09. New Black 84″ Portable Massage Table

This portable massage table is one of the easily affordable ones, and it is one of the perfect choices for beginners and professionals as well. The table has been constructed with beech of the highest quality, and the corner blocks have been made of reinforced hardwood. The height of this table can be easily adjusted, and the range is between 24 inches to 34 inches.

This portable massage table also comes with great portability, and is covered in soft, clear, and durable PU leather. It also comes with adjustable and removable armrests. The maximum user weight capacity is around 450 pounds.


The table has a thick sponge of 2 inches, and the knobs are height adjustable. The face cradle is also fully customizable, and one carrying bag is provided with this product. The setup is very easy, and the comfort level of this table is high. Some users have reported that the legs are not attached very firmly to the table though.

#10. New 84″L 3 Fold Massage Table Portable

84 L 3 Fold Portable Aluminum Massage Table

This particular portable massage table is one of the best options for therapy students, home users, and professional therapists as well. The construction is entirely made of hardwood, and it is extremely comfortable as well. The padding is of the best level, and the high-density foam is made up of two thick layers. The design is also extremely attractive, and it is very easy to store and fold it.

There are options for adjusting the double leg knobs, and the face cradle can be easily adjusted. The upholstery material is resistant to oil and water. Users also get hand rest, armrest, and a massage table sheet with the product. 450 pounds is the user weight capacity.


This portable massage table comes in three folding sections, and users can fold this table and carry it in the bag provided. The product is comfortable and durable, and the price tag is also affordable.


All of these portable massage tables mentioned in the list above are some of the best massage tables that you can purchase in 2020. The reviews of all the products are good, and the majority of users using each of these products are extremely satisfied. As per the practice of the user, the models have been segregated and placed. Also, each of these models contains easy to clean upholstery material, and it is both water and oil resistant. Also, each of these tables is portable, and has a solid construction. You can choose the portable massage table which is best suited to your style. Overall, you cannot go wrong with any of these tables.


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