10 Cable Machine Exercises for Your Back

Cable Machine Exercises for Your Back

Back exercises have been proven to help prevent and cure lower back problems. Muscle training has been shown to have specific advantages for women with back problems.

Cable workouts provide several distinct benefits over other types of training. They also maintain a steady load across the whole flexion and extension and at different pulling rates.

Best Cable Machine Exercises for A Big Back

Cable Workouts

Here are 10 Efficient Exercises For A Toned Back:

1. Face pulls

The key muscles addressed in this face pull workout are the rear deltoids.

Face pulls


  • The rope handles should be attached to a tall cable.
  • Stand in a staggering posture in front of the rope, much further away to enable you to completely extend your arms and grasp the handles.
  • Try to move your hands to either part of the head over your ears by extending the elbows back and forth and outwardly rotating your shoulders.
  • Return to the original position by controlling the movement slowly.

Three sets of 12-15 repetitions is a good starting point.


  • Don’t use excessively heavyweight. You should lower the weight you’re attempting to lift.

2. Cable Machine Lat Pulldown

This workout helps to build the latissimusdorsi muscle which helps you maintain posture and spinal stability.

Cable Machine Lat Pulldown


  • Keeping your feet down on the ground and your thighs at a 90-degree angle, tuck your thighs underneath the pad.
  • Grab the bar with your hands clasped down, your hands shoulder-width or a bit wider than shoulder-width, and bend back a bit at the hips.
  • Pull the shoulder muscles back and down as you pull the bar to your clavicle while activating the lats.
  • Raise the bar slowly back to its initial position.

Three sets of 10-15 repetitions on the lat pulldown cable machine is a good way to start.


  • Bring the levers against your chest while leaning back.
  • Don’t overstretch your back.

3. Underhand Pulldown

This workout allows the back muscles to be overworked.

Underhand Pulldown


  • Face the cable machine while sitting on the bench.
  • Hold the bar with both palms facing your side by extending your arms upwards.
  • Firm your core, push your shoulders back and down and drag the bar down until it meets the rib cage while gently leaning back.
  • Gradually return to the initial posture after a little pause at the bottom, compressing your lats.

Begin by performing three sets of eight to ten reps.


  • Avoid leaning too far back.
  • Use a lighter weight

4. Straight Arm Pulldown

This workout works the predominant muscles in your forearms and side muscles of your back

Straight Arm Pulldown


 Mount a straight rod to the cable machine’s upper pulley handle.

  • Back away until you’re standing with your arms outstretched, knees relaxed, and feet hip-width apart, holding the rod at shoulder width.
  • Engage the lats and draw the bar down to your hips, hold, and gently move the handle back to the starting position, keeping the elbows locked.

To perfect the right form, begin with a smaller weight for 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.


  • Don’t strain your triceps than is necessary.
  • Make sure you can feel your lats getting worked out.

5. Seated Cable Row

It is a wonderful option for people who don’t have access to free weights or prefer to use training equipment.

Seated Cable Row


  • Place your feet on the padding and lightly bend your knees on the seated cable row machine.
  • Let your elbows be nearer to your body by using the balanced handle attachment.
  • Pull the handle to your chest by sitting up straight, leaning back a bit at the hips, and bringing your shoulder blades together.
  • Pause for a second, and then stretch your arms to return to the beginning position by not allowing your weight to wrap around your back.

Begin with 3 sets of eight to ten repetitions.


  • Your back should always be straight, not bent. keep your body still.
  • Decrease the weight and make sure you have a complete range of motion for this workout.

6. Single Arm cable row

This workout can help you enhance your trunk movement.

Single Arm cable row 


  • Put up a single side handle at shoulder height on the cable machine.
  • Hold the cable using your working arm and your shoulder toward the pulley as you position side-on to the handle with a wide frame.
  • Bring the handle to your working armpit while rotating your core muscles away from the machine like you’re pulling back a bow, bracing your lower body and core.

Start with 2 to 3 sets of 10-15 on each side to get a feel for the exercise.


  • Keep your arms are stretched out straight. Don’t use only your arms to pull the weight.
  • For a full lats contraction, pull the cable down to your thighs.

7. Cable Upright Row

  This workout is efficient and secure for the shoulder joints.

Cable Upright Row


  • Stand upright and compress your upper back as you draw the handles to your armpits using the rope connection.
  • As you return to the beginning posture, keep your chest elevated.

Begin with 3 sets of 10-15 reps as a warm-up.


  • Make sure your elbows are at shoulder level don’t stretch beyond that
  • Choose a lightweight and keep your torso erect.

8. Cable Shrug

The upper back muscles which are essential for your shoulders are targeted by the cable shrug.

Cable Shrug 


  • Bring the straight bar handle upward so your hands are before your thighs and elbows are straight, with your torso facing the low cable machine.
  • Move your shoulders up and down while having your elbows closed, holding for a few seconds until gently lowering down.
  • If this feels more comfortable to you, you can do this exercise with a broad grasp.

Begin with three sets of ten to twelve repetitions.


  • Keep your back straight have your head up and your gaze forward.
  • Don’t raise the bar with your biceps your shoulders should be the only part that moves up and down.

9. Reverse Flyes

It is one of the greatest cable exercises for the deltoid muscles

Reverse Flyes


  • With the cable grips at eye level, stand amid two single-side cable connections.
  • Put one foot back and elevate the breast to stand tall, reaching across the body to hold the handles on the other side.
  • Pull your hands over each other and under your body, but don’t bend backwards to help with the action.
  • Slowly make your way back to the start, keeping your chest from collapsing.

Begin with low weight and three sets of ten to twelve repetitions.


  • Shoulders should not be crunched forward into the neck
  • You should do the workout slowly and engagingly
  • Use a lighter weight.

10. Cable Lawn Mower

This is a popular workout for shoulder training

Cable Lawn Mower


  • Place the bottom cable handle towards the side of your body as you stand.
  • As you spin down to grip the handle, pivot your far foot.
  • Take back your working shoulder as you twist and draw the handle to your upper chest while driving through the near foot.

Begin with three sets of ten to twelve reps on each side, concentrating on technique to support the lower back.


  • Exhale as you draw the weight toward your shoulder, keeping your back straight and your neck and head relaxed.


The Cable exercises improve muscle strength in both the eccentric and concentric stages of the exercises, resulting in quicker strength and size improvements.

This list of efficient cable workouts for back growth would greatly benefit any of your back workout programs.


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